Emotional Healing

With Voice Mapping

Voice Mapping with Matt Kramer

Using the EVOX from Zyto

Experience Emotional Release with Voice Mapping Technology

Subconsciously we create complex and sometimes mysterious mechanisms to protect us from early traumatic and stressful experiences. These mechanisms run silently below the surface of our conscious mind as coping skills that help us endure and survive difficult events and chronically painful conditions throughout our lives. However, their repetitive application often leads to thoughts, feelings and actions that create suffering and rob us of our fullest potential in later life.

Working with the frequencies in a client’s voice, voice mapping is a highly effective biofeedback process for emotional release and healing from the consequences of stored stress and trauma. It is also used by athletes to overcome challenges and improve peak performance. Given the correlation between physical and emotional health, voice mapping can be helpful in fighting chronic health problems. Read more.

Are you...

  • Feeling emotionally blocked?
  • Out of control emotionally?
  • Caught in the same old arguments over and over again?
  • Sabotaged by your anger?
  • Feeling trapped by old wounds?
  • Frustrated with other therapies?
  • Ready to be free from the past?
  • Afraid of public speaking?

As a performer or athlete, are you...

  • Choking up when you need to deliver your best performance?
  • Losing focus at critical times?
  • Lacking the energy to follow through or finish?
  • Sabotaging yourself in ways that affect your performance?

Voice Mapping * can help!

(*Also referred to as "Perception Reframing" using the EVOX from Zyto)

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